About Us

ROCKWELL was founded in the year 2012 and follows new paths in the field of protection and athletic equipment. We apply very high standards to all of our products concerning aesthetics and function.

High performance and design standards have to be equally met in order for our products to pass our requirements without settling for mediocrity. Only then will we introduce them to the market.

ROCKWELL launches its innovative headgear for the categories “bike”, “ski” and “skate”. When our prototypes were finished in 2013, they already aroused excitement at trade fairs like the ISPO in Munich. The possibility to create individual models triggered particular enthusiasm among the professional audience. Our team at ROCKWELL seized the year 2014 to improve our prototypes, get them tested and successfully certified by the “TÜV”. Starting now, you are able to purchase our products online and through selected local retailers.


About Rockwell GmbH

The Rockwell GmbH is based in Düsseldorf and produces protective helmets, sunglasses as well as a variety of sports gear. Its claim is to combine high safety standards with innovative design at best possible wearing comfort. All headgear products satisfy the European norms of the appropriate field of application: Norm EN 1078 applies for the area “bike”, “skateboard” and “inline skate” while Norm EN 1077b applies for “ski” and “snowboard”.