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  • DUST Ski
    DUST Ski
    169,95 €
  • BLU Ski
    BLU Ski
    169,95 €
  • ICE Ski
    ICE Ski
    169,95 €
  • BERRY Ski
    BERRY Ski
    169,95 €
  • DUST Ski Inlay
    DUST Ski Inlay
    129,95 €
  • BLU Ski Inlay
    BLU Ski Inlay
    129,95 €
  • ICE Ski Inlay
    ICE Ski Inlay
    129,95 €
  • BERRY Ski Inlay
    BERRY Ski Inlay
    129,95 €
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Our products are urban inspired headgear suitable for every ski resort in the world – absolutely functional and highly aesthetic. The new combination of Hardshell, Inlay and Globe-Cushions provide a perfect fit and guarantee maximum comfort. The layout of the Globe-Cushions and the octothorpes enable a continuous and sufficient air-circulation, which prevents the skier from sweating while accomplishing peak performances. In addition, the  ski- and snowboard headgear fits comfortably throughout the day and protects the skier from injuries. Certainly, our helmets are TÜV-certified. Configure an individual model or pick a pre-designed model from our selection.